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We are technically competent, reliable and cost-effective in land transportation solutions for moving goods and materials.
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We take care of your materials from the point of loading to distributing.
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We handle cargos with special care, expertise, and give close attention to your heavy weight cargos.
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From the shipment origin to the destination, we handle the tedious customs clearance procedures

About us

Modern And Trusted Haulage Company

Elo Light Solutions is a logistics company that provides solutions in haulage, transport, logistics and relocation services.


To be the most trusted logistics firm bridging the gap in communication in Nigeria and Africa.


To provide our clientele with excellent and timely services using cutting-edge strategies and solutions.

Our Services

Elo Light Solutions For Your Successful Business

Local & International Haulage Services

We have fleet of haulage trucks at our disposal, readily available to transport your cargo to their chosen destinations, safely and timely at a more preferential rate. Small or big, your company can surely benefit from our reliable, cost-efficient haulaging services. Need same-day or a scheduled service, we will be able to grant you the most effective solution.

Experienced Immigration consultants

Logistics Consulting

We have wide experience in logistics consulting, solutions and delivery. We know the challenges you face and we have the perspective and understanding to map out effective approach for you. We’ll help you optimise your logistics solution for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Freight Forwarders

Service Management

Our transport management and haulage systems are implemented to manage the entire transportation process which facilitates a high quality service. We utilise a modern systems which are all designed to effectively manage our haulage fleet to ensure highest possible levels of customer service.

Distribution Solutions

Your shipment arrives at the specified destination and right on time! our well-experienced professional team handles it smoothly.

We provide you with comprehensive, ultimate solutions for your heavy-duty Cargos.

Oversize and Heavy-duty Cargo

Elo Light Solutions is powered by our high-end equipment and vast experience, we provide you with comprehensive, ultimate solutions for your heavy-duty Cargos.

Cold Chain Services

Elo Light Solutions provid temperature-controlled surface transportation and cold storage of perishable items from origin to final delivery.

Export & Import Custom Clearance

From the shipment origin to the destination, we handle the tedious customs clearance procedures. You don't have to worry how much time and effort you need for the customs clearance procedures.


We Are Reliable And That's Why You Can Choose Us without doubt

As a fully integrated transport and Service Management Comapny, Elo Light Solutions is able to make your logistics network more (cost-)efficient, whatever your business sector. Our goal is to develop customized, high-quality, large-scale logistical projects for our customers in order to provide a definite competitive advantage.


Establishing open and honest relationships based on transparency, persistence and mutual trust with our customers.

Excellent Service Provision

Our professional team gives exceptional customer service, making our customer s highly satisfied with services.

Timely Communication

Elo Light Solutions ensure good and quick response between us and our clients, for asier and better work flow.

Efficient Service Delivery

Cooperating with Elo Light Solutions you are guaranteed to have your cargo delivered fast and secure.


We provide all our clients with professional transportation services on the highest security level.

Cost Effective

We have a very prices on the market and offer affordable solutions tailored to your business.

Readily available for Transportation services
readily available for Transportation services

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